Catastroflux creates original, experimental and immersive contemporary performances.


Catastroflux is a professional performance company based in Frazé, in Eure-et-loir (28), France. Our stated goal is to create contemporary yet accessible performances, to facilitate the collaboration between artists of various backgrounds and to do cultural mediation. We foster interactions with all audiences through collaborative performance projects, meetings with the artists and public performances. We want to improve access to culture in rural areas and to continue our work in France and internationally.

Catastroflux : noun born from the fusion of catastrophe, in its original meaning of being put upside-down, and of artistic flux or flow: dance as a flow of energy in the body and in the space; music, the vibration that flows from ear to ear; flows of images, flows of sculpted curves, flows of projected shapes, and yet many more flows.

Our artists: 

Lucile Belliveau

Discover Lucile’s choreographic, dance and teaching work in images and videos on http://www.lucilebelliveau.com/

Floriane Dardard