Absurd Journey collaborative performance in Bangalore

This exciting new performance is the result of a collaboration between French dancer and choreographer Lucile Belliveau, French musician Floriane Dardard and local dancers, actors and musicians from Bangalore.

Lucile and Floriane have developed a project on the theme of absurdity and humanity: how can we make peace with the absurdity of the environment? How can we embody and absurd journey through a random world? Can we take time and space for human connection during this journey and during our lives?

They presented a duo piece in Shoonya after which they opened their process to local artists to enrich the work. Using movement improvisation and discussion, they created a unified world where artists of multiple backgrounds found their unique voice. Together, they bring an absurd journey to life in a multidisciplinary performance.

Choreography and facilitation: Lucile Belliveau
Music composition: Floriane Dardard
Collaborating artists:
Priyanka Chandrasekhar,
Shashi Kumar,
Tejaswini Halthore.

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